Rigid Fabric


Rigid Fabric

Honorable Mention
2015 VMODERN Furniture Design Competition

Tian Yi
Hong Kong

We believe that in recent years the furniture market has changed from standardization to customization. People prefer to purchase unique furniture. The main problems are the cost and the craft. We think that the use of concrete could be a solution by reducing the cost and technical difficulty.

Concrete is widely available and easy to work with.  If we use concrete to cast in place, it may not need different members and joints to link the whole furniture. Concrete furniture can be casted once efficiently. Also, utilizing concrete as material gives us freedom to design complex form, which could be a design trend in future of furniture design.

Fabric as formwork can be extended, twisted and curved in almost any imaginable form, it also makes the product unique with specific textures, wrinkles and marks. In this way, the products are different every time, even following the same production procedure.

The intention of this project is to explore the use of fabric as formwork to cast concrete furniture. The aim of material test is to find a proper formwork fabric. Epoxy resin can harden the fabric formwork to withstand forces exerted by liquid concrete, which gives freedom to the shape of furniture.

The construction of the formwork frames use a series of MDF frames, then fabric is fixed on the frame, epoxy resin is used to harden the fabric, after that, it is placed upside down into a plywood box, strengthened, and concrete is casted into it.


Rigid Fabric