Wave-Part Light

Wava Light

Wava Light

First Place
2016 VMODERN Furniture Design Competition

David Beirne, Canan Karahasanoglu, Trayan Andonov Haralanov
United Kingdom, Turkey

An investigation into the possibilities for the future of light!

Throughout our relatively short history of having controlled electrical light, our curiosity has been to study and understand what are the physical scientific theory’s underpinning light itself. To the development of engineering ability to produce light, and the design of how the forms of light should be applied and utilized to the requirements, ambitions, and desires of the human need as it develops.

The progression of these three throughout the 19th century lead to the understanding of the quantum mechanics of light, the development of filament bulb types and the electrified enlightenment human lives.

”Wave-Part” is an elemental light fixture at its core, with a strong reference to these three key attributers in defining its position as a true light of the future.

The future of all commercial objects must be in there adaptiveness, whereby they have the ability to provide consumers with an experience that can generate long lasting emotional engagements and attachments. This is a philosophy that is central to the idea of “Wave – Part”. The core modular form and interconnectivity of the fixture facilitates its adaptive development from the singular entity to the collective of multi entity arrangements, right through to entire lighting systems.

Referencing the refractive nature of light itself, the form of “Wave-Part” is a structure of intersecting linear lines, with the overall wireframe form taking reference from an object that has been used throughout the history of the electric light as a diffuser, that being the cut crystal.

The modularity of the diamond shape of “Wave-Part”, has been developed around the principles of generative parametric design and fractal growth.

Be expressed and secondly the occur in the interaction with light. There is a clear and sustained consumer desire towards both the physical design of how light is represented in 3D form and the technological advance the fundamentals of light.

Wava Light

Wava Light