Winners 2016 VMODERN Furniture Design Competition

eVolo Magazine is pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 VMODERN Furniture Design Competition. The award recognizes innovative design and creates a forum for the discussion and development of the discipline.  What is the future of furniture design?

eVolo Magazine received 165 entries from 28 different countries. The Jury selected 3 winners and 20 honorable mentions.

The FIRST PLACE was awarded to David Beirne, Canan Karahasanoglu, and Trayan Andonov Haralanov from the United Kingdom and Turkey for the design of Wave-Part, a luminous wireframe developed around the principles of generative parametric design and fractal growth. The core modular form and interconnectivity of the fixture facilitates its adaptive development from the singular entity to the collective of multi entity arrangements, right through to entire lighting systems.

Emmanuel Osorno from the United States received the SECOND PLACE for his project lightCAGE, a pendant light that poses itself as a body in tension with the light that inhabits it. The quintessential conflicting duality of lamps, housing vs light, is reframed to form an object that is inherently defiant of the light source as the primordial element: it forces it to reside within its ribs, diffracting its rays as they escape. As the shadows of its geometry are casted over its surroundings, lightCAGE is able to augment its presence in space.

The THIRD PLACE was awarded to Maria Smigielska and Pierre Cutellic from Switzerland for the design of ROD, a front desk digitally fabricated using robots to bend steel rods. This project is an investigation on the use of robots for specialized fabircation techniques that allow the use of traditional materials in a novel way.

The members of the Jury are: Brad Ascalon [principal Brad Ascalon Studio NYC], Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen [partner Norm.Architects], Peter Donders [principal Peter Donders, Morphs, Morphsine], Kasper Rønn von Lotzbeck [partner Norm.Architects], David Trubridge [principal David Trubridge].